What is Microlearning?

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Microlearning is any small piece of information focused on a specific learning objective. It uses rich multimedia, game-based strategy, and so on to engage the learners. These small nuggets of learning, normally spanning only a few minutes of seat time are extremely in formal training as well informal training i.e. can act a quick reference for any big training sessions. These are compatible with all kind of devices and hence are easily accessible.

The Modern learners are Abstracted and impatient, and many of them struggle to keep up with the information rapidly coming in from various different sources, especially when their time is limited. It’s overwhelming to actually “learn” something. This variation of information has made new methods for learning essential.

The new millennial generations has entered the workforce, expectations are high and changing rapidly. We need to be able to focus quickly to extract the essence of knowledge that we must now “learn faster” than ever before.

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Benefits of Microlearning for Corporates

  • Microlearning is gaining popularity across all sort of organizations because it is cost -effective and is capable of quickly meeting learning demands anytime, anywhere.
  • Organizations can convert hefty Policies and Manuals into short Interactive videos. For instance, in case of onboarding, or offboarding training, employees have to go through heavy manuals and PDFs — provide them with microlearning “nuggets” for the most important parts of content.
  • Create short interactive video nuggets that are arranged and can function as complete units.

Benefits of Microlearning for Employees

  • It boosts motivation, learners can access the training on any device, from laptops to smartphones.
  • It promotes work life balance and serves short attention spans, learners expect training to be available in short segments which they can go through without spending much of their time.

Demos of some of the work are shown below for your perusal:

Gear up to introduce microlearning in your organization and know how it can create a positive impact on your training needs. Alternatively, you can also contact us for a better perspective.