Organizations can develop e-learning courses with two options – either from off-the shelf courses or create customized e-learning courses, based on their training needs. We have been working in the eLearning domain for over 25 years and during this journey we have realized organizations are preferring the readymade courses in comparison to the other model.

Building customized e-learning courses takes lot of efforts as involvement of some subject matter expert or external expertise are required to create a course that can meet the training needs of the organization.

The other option is using off-the shelf courses or training videos that can be purchased and used for training purposes. Most of these courses are based on generic topics such as leadership, communication, ergonomics, or soft skills which can be used by different organizations. Off-the-shelf courses are less expensive and take less time / effort to modify as per the requirement.

We have a list of generic corporate courses related to common topics across segment. Some of these courses are already available for buyers and some are under crunching stage which can be fast forwarded in case the requirement arises.

Feel free to connect in case your organization requires any readily customizable courses.