Teaching is a process which facilitates learning and results in acquisition of knowledge. In today’s world, testing this understanding is also very important as knowledge is available through many sources, i.e. quantifiable (through ILT classes, eLearning modules, etc.) as well as unquantifiable (through messaging, video platforms, social media, etc.).

Many organizations provide the first step very efficiently i.e. teaching and ignores the testing part due to many reasons like feasibility, huge investment required, methodological incompetency to map the informal form of learning, etc.

Testing is a very vital element of teaching as it helps measuring the gap between the things taught and things learned and helps to take corrective measures to improve. It also helps in motivating and encouraging positive competition within team to learn more and strive to outdo one another.

To help industries where majority of learning is done through informal means, we have developed an independent certification mobile application “TestinO” which can run on any device at a pre-fixed time slot as per the criteria of the client. This platform does not require a learning management system to run, cutting the cost part upto 90%. The testing engine is one of the most robust one with real time statistics and reports with pinpoint accuracy.

The features include

Single and Multiple-choice questions
Time limit per question
Random question from question Bank
Jumbling of options within a question possible
Negative scoring possible
Pass percentage at certificate level
Certification summary page
Option to display the wrong/un-answered questions
Report generation for Admin